Here’s what I think about LOVE.

Everyone just keep in mind I haven’t seen the entire film yet okay, I don’t know what happens after Lee exits the space station. God help any of you if you give me spoilers, I will cut you into croutons.

WELL I can only tell you what I thought about it so far, since my dvd stopped like 20 minutes before it should have. I’ve only seen up to Lee exiting the station, as he reaches his hand to the carabiner, then decides not to unclip it and then he just sort of floats in indecision. Then my dvd cut out.

I think that you either love LOVE, or you don’t. I’m not so sure if there really is an in-between limbo state of ….neutrality.

Visually, I think LOVE is quite aesthetically pleasing. The costumes are pretty much spot on, and the sets are elaborate enough to convince us, the viewer, that what we are watching is real, but not so over elaborate that it stretches plausibility a little too much. The cameraman/men know what the hell they’re doing, and they put the camera to use like it should be used- creatively and meaningfully, rather than dramatically and without much thought, and coming from a media/film student, I really liked some of the different angles that were used. Particularly the ones at odd angles- they portray that yes, Lee is in space, but he’s also in an entire state of upheaval. His life is literally turned upside down, since being abandoned. You start to see things through his upside down, twisted, warped view of life, or what he makes of life.

The visual effects are, like the set design, adequate enough to reinforce the fact that the people who made the movie want you to believe it’s real, they want you to believe that a bomb hitting the side of a hill looks more like muddy rain, rather than a Michael Bay explosion, because that’s what it should look like. The visuals are accurate, they’re believable and they don’t show off, and that is what I like to see in a film.

As for the narrative, though I do agree it is ‘lacking’ in some places, it has a clear and solid message.

The beginning is a good foreshadow into Lee’s time in space, as the men stuck in the Civil War try to find some kind of hope in the struggles they are facing, Lee Miller does the same thing stuck in orbit above the place he once calls home. While he is up there trying to hang on to the little hope he has left, Lee Briggs had wandered Earth long before him, looking for the same sort of hope. A kind of hope that can reignite a person, change them in such a way that what ever they are going through becomes bearable, because they know that there is something more.

The little narratives, (the marine etc) are there because that is what Lee Miller is missing, that’s why he’s slipping slowly into insanity, and ultimately comes to his end. I think we’re right to believe that without human interaction, communication and just a little love from people every day, we’d all end up like Lee Miller. We’d all feel abandoned, and stuck in some sort of black hole someone decided to call life.

Human beings cannot possibly live the solitary life Lee Miller was living in the space station. It’s a wonder he survived as long as he did. Six years is a LONG time to live without any reasonable form of communication, and just knowing that there is actually someone there. That you’re not all alone, that someone has the time of day to talk to you and let you know you haven’t been abandoned.

I still haven’t seen the end of the film, so I do not know the full message here. But I think I know that the point of the film, the albums and quite possibly the band themselves is to reach out and try to re-ignite human beings, to put back the love that we once had for each other. The film is a harsh indication to what will happen to each of us if the human race continues to decline, not in stature or power, but in the sharing of love for one another, sharing of kindness and of happiness. The senseless human beings that walk this planet today have all but abandoned their hopes, dreams and each other.

So all in all, I think it’s fine not to like the film, just as it’s fine to like it. I believe that what’s important about such a film is that the message is heard, understood and remembered, and what’s even more important is that we all try to share love just a little bit more.

And yes, so far, I like the film.

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